In this episode, I talked to Richard Franke AKA Kitty Powers, Game dev, Drag Queen, and the creator of Kitty Powers' Matchmaker.  We talk about drag, gender identity, race, and skin color of emoji

In this episode, I spoke to Chel Wong, Award-Winning Freelance Composer on games like Kine, Whisker Squadron, and Only Cans, about how Ping pong is awesome and also a sport.

In this episode, I spoke to Stephanie Grandchamp-Dubé, UX designer on Dead by Daylight, about collecting and making displays out of dead stuff.

In this episode, I spoke to PeachyAenne, streamer and writer/narrative designer on Arcade Spirits

and First Bite, about her day job as a veterinary nurse and practice manager.

This week I talked to Marie Claude Bernard, Director of Communications at Behaviour Interactive, about going from 0 to national record holder in Olympic weightlifting in 5 years.

In this episode of I talked to Laure Guilbert, Marketing Product Director on Rainbow Six Siege,  about how now is a great time to learn how to cook!

On this week's episode I talked to Ella Lowgren , Communications Manager and Writer at Infinity Plus 2 and 505 Games, about how riding a motorcycle is cool and you should ride one too!

On this episode of 'What else do you do?' I talked to Ian Vaflor, Producer at Hitcents, about how a classically trained cellist ended up wrestling in rubber suits!

In this episode, I interviewed Anna Brandberg, Senior UX Designer at King. We talked about picking up skateboarding later in life, forming a Very Tough Skate Crew, and how teaching skating ties back into making video games

Therese Lanz is a freelance game artist and fantasy illustrator. She is also a long-time musician who played and toured in bands for many years. In this episode, we talk about what made her go from playing in bands to working in games and how it impacts the art she makes.

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